About Us

Gedik Kaynak is one of Europe's largest welding consumables manufacturers and exports to more than 90 countries under its internationally registered trademarks GeKa and GeKaTec. The company produces welding machines under the brand GeKaMac and welding automation equipment that offers robotic solutions under the brand GeKaRobot.

Gedik Kaynak was founded in 1963 and is now a global industry leader in welding consumables and equipment. The company produces approximately 90,000 tons of premium quality covered welding electrodes, gas, submerged, flux type welding wires, as well as rectifiers, gas and submerged arc welding machines, inverter type welding machines and welding generators annually.

The Quality Gedik, Turkey, and is preferred in mega-projects in the world.

Gedik Kaynak, which is the Gedik Kaynak accredited organization that provides training under the umbrella of Gedik Education Foundation (GEV) in the field of International Welding Engineering and Technicianry, offers its customers nondestructive and destructive inspection services after sales.

Providing welding products and engineering solutions for different demands and needs of customers, Gedik Kaynak takes its current practices to an advanced level with its technological infrastructure and R&D activities in fully equipped laboratories.

Gedik Welding, university-industry cooperation projects conducted by the University of Istanbul Gedik with life passing by Turkey's resources are making an important contribution to science and technology.